Planting Herbs in Pots

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Planting Herbs in Pots – Start With an Ounce of Prevention


Gardening is a passion for many people, and there are as many types of gardens as there are people who love them. Each garden, whether it is a full fledged raised garden or a patio container garden, is as individual and special as the person who created it. Herbs are among the most popular choices for container gardens, as they are practical and easy to grow. You can enjoy an entire array of containers filled with different herbs, but you will need to start things off in the right way. Here are some basic tips for planting herbs in pots.

planting herbs in pots

Choose the proper type of container. Some plants will prefer the porous texture of clay pots, simply because these pots tend to stay drier and offer more air circulation. Other types of containers include plastic and wood, and you must know about the plant’s watering root needs before you even begin. Once you get the correct type of planter, you will need to wash the container with a mild solution of bleach water to ensure the removal of bacteria or fungus. This is especially true if you are using a previously used container. Rinse the planter well and let it dry in the sun.

Next, you will need to facilitate proper drainage in your container. Without proper drainage, your plant will die, because the roots will become saturated with water and they will not be able to get the correct amount of oxygen. In order to make sure that enough water stays in the container yet drains properly, you can take a shortcut. Place a broken piece of clay pot just over the drainage hole in the bottom of the container. Double check that it does not completely cover the hole. Then add in your soil and your plant.

When actually planting your herbs in pots, you will need to make sure that the root ball is thoroughly wet. This prevents the roots from drying out during the transplant. Next, try to transplant on a cloudy day out of direct sun. It is imperative to minimise the shock that sets in after the transplanting. Be extremely gentle when moving the plant, and protect the root ball from trauma. Make a generous hole in the soil, add water, gently set down the plant inside the hole, and pack the soil around the plant firmly. Water well, and pamper for the next week. This will give you healthy and happy herbs.

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