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Using Ezy Grow planters to grow the fresh veggies you need.

These Ezy Grow planters could be the solution to your food growing ambitions. Have you desired fresh home grown produce but didn’t have good soil or the right position in the garden to grow them? Anyway, growing veggies in the garden can be a lot of work with weeding, pests and watering. Not so with the Ezy Grow planter, as you are adding all your own potting mix, you are working on your own terms and can be in charge of the whole growing process.

ezy growThe Ezy Grow is a decent sized growing system which will hold about 100 litres of potting mix enabling you to grow a broard range of vegetables, herbs and salad greens.

I will often roughly divide the growing area into 3 parts. By doing this I will plant taller crops on stakes like tomatoes and cucumber on the side away from the main sun direction so they don’t create shading issues with the lower growing plants. The middle section of the Ezy Grow can be planted with mid height crops like capsicum, shallots, silver beet, basil or patio egg plants. Then, the side closest to the sun light gets the lower growth crops like lettuce and salad greens, beetroot and a few of the herbs like coriander and thyme.


The beauty of the Ezy Grow Planter  is that it contains a large water reservoir that will catch any excess water. This means there doesn’t need to be mess from overflowing which makes the system ideal for growing on decks or balconies. When the gauge shows the reservoir is getting full, just place a bucket or watering can under the spout and drain it off. This water can then be reused to water the garden.

Ezy Grows are made from the same material as rain water tanks so they are extremally durable and long lasting. The poly is a food grade material  and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Ezy Grows are also very suited to the school or kindergarten environment where they can be set up on concrete or paved areas. This enables them to be positioned close to classrooms where growth can be studied and  produce harvested as soon as it turns ripe!

You’ll find more info on the Ezy Grow at our online store or call me anytime to discuss your requirements in greater detail on 0400 339356.


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